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What Dog Behaviours Indicate?

Dogs have a basic brain structure. They have emotions but they do not have an equivalent brain as we humans have. It's not something bad. It's just how they are. Understanding how our dog thinks and feels can help us give them a cheerful and healthy life.

With close contact with human beings for ages, dogs are capable of adapting behaviours. They have the capacity of understanding various gestures and some spoken words of humans.

Let's study and understand some basic behaviours in dogs that needs attention.

Barking and Howling

Dogs communicate mainly through barking and howling. Whenever a dog barks or howls we know something is alarming about it. There are several different ways in which a dog barks. With excessive barking or howling the dog may be pointing us towards something that he/she feels uncomfortable with. Let's check upon some causes of why our dogs bark or howl excessively

  • It can be because of an intruder or an uninvited guest who is coming towards the dog's territory. And this barking is helpful for us to know if someone has entered our own space

  • Sometimes dogs bark or howl excessively due to frustration. They may be hurt or upset.

  • Any sort of illness or injury can also trigger the dog to bark or howl excessively

  • Excessive barking or howling can also be a consequence of the dog's separation from his master or loved ones.


Feeling of anger leading to hostile or violent behaviour is what aggression literally means. Aggression is a common behaviour in animals including human beings. Sometimes this can be a very serious problem for pet dogs.

It's common for dogs to behave aggressively towards strangers. There will be some or the other instances that can trigger your dog's aggressive behaviour. It can be a thing, an individual or a situation. Threatening barks, growling, storming upon a person etc. are some aggressive behaviours in dogs.

Now let's look upon some instances where aggressive behaviour in dogs must be taken care of

  • In some cases dogs tend to become aggressive when they are in fear. When the dogs become fearful they show aggressive behaviour as a defence mechanism

  • Frustration can also lead to aggression in dogs. That's when they are annoyed or upset as a result of not being able to achieve something.

  • When in pain dogs get aggressive for seeking attention.

There are high possibilities that we don't take the aggressive behaviours of our pet seriously. But maybe our pets are giving us symbols of their uneasiness.


Similar to barking and howling, whining is also a form of communication in dogs. One among the major causes of excessive whining in dogs is anxiety. They may be stressed or frustrated which can lead to excessive whining. As of barking and howling, separation anxiety and injury or medical illness are also important causes for whining.

Take help of an expert

While treating all these behaviours in dogs make sure to take help from a veterinarian and behavioural expert. As they are the perfect people who can understand your dog and the problem they face if any. Behavioural changes can be a result of medical issues that the dog has. Therefore it is very important to take your dog to a veterinarian. Also behavioral experts will help you train your dog to behave properly without making them more aggressive.

In lieu of change in dog behaviour, don't lose the temper. Even as a family, deal with your pet with more love, pamper and care. Wishing you a happy and healthy life together with your pooch.

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