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Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy

Excited about getting a puppy for yourself? Great. But getting a puppy doesn't mean that it's all about sweetness and light. It can be sometimes depressing. Are you ready for that? Come let's jump into some facts that you need to know before getting a puppy.

You will have the dog for a lifetime

Yes dogs are for an eternity. An average dog will have a lifespan of nearly 13 years. So if you are gonna get a puppy you should be ready to babysit and lose your sleep for a long time. They take time to get acquainted with us and the environment. So give them proper time and attention.

Plan a proper feeding

You have to be disciplined and consistent while feeding your dog. There should be a proper plan of when and how much you will feed your dog on a daily basis. And this routine has to be strictly followed for the better health of your puppy.

Should take your puppy outside

Frequent walks and exercise is very important for your puppy's healthy growth. You should take your puppy outside for walks and also let your puppy socialise. When they get in touch with other puppys and people, they'll become more cheerful.


Keeping your puppy healthy is really a big task. You have to find a professional veterinarian who can help your puppy with any medical problems. It's very important to ensure that your puppy's dental health is fine, nails are cut properly, they are groomed etc. Also you should prevent fleas or ticks getting onto their body.

They get dirty

Puppies are like babies. They play a lot and get dirty. So you should take care that you bath them clean and properly. Bathing products for human beings are very different from that of the puppies. So make sure that you bath them with their own health and grooming products.

Pups Are expensive

Yes you heard it right. Puppies are so expensive. It starts from the cost of getting your puppy, food, accessories, vaccination and veterinarian bills. They grow so fast and will have so many necessities which can sometimes be super expensive. So always be sure that you have enough money before getting a puppy.

Training is important

As told before your puppy is similar to a newborn. So you have to become your puppy's pawrent. They should be trained well on what to do and what not to do. Also make sure that you pet proof your home from your puppy. The suggested and best method is always crate training. This will also give you an assurance that your puppy is safe.

Puppies are Family

All these above given statements doesn't mean that it's a no about getting a puppy. Puppies are family. They give us so much love and joy. They are therapy in themselves for stressed minds. Give them love and affection and make sure that you treat your puppy as your family member.

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