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COVID 19 and Pets

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

SARS-COV-2, the deadliest virus thus far , has hit the world drastically. Statistically, it's reached the toll of 10.5 million. Day by day thousands of individuals are suffering from this disease. In today's blog, we'll share with you some important facts about Covid-19 and pets.

Does Covid-19 affect pets

In this course of this coronavirus pandemic, affecting people here and there, to stay ourselves in isolation, our pets play an important role. They keep us cheering by their presence and make us feel less alone.

The information about Covid-19 is rightly intact. The knowledge provided by the regulatory bodies is that the coronavirus is transmitted through people to people from nose to mouth, it spreads when an individual with COVID-19 coughs or exhales through droplets.

Still, there are some reports about pets mostly cats and dogs getting affected with the virus. This is caused mainly due to close contact.

Until every possible detail about the disease is known, it's good to be aware to take care of your pets as you take care of any human being. We should always take precautionary measures to guard our pets and make this lifestyle shift easier for them.

  • Don't let your pets go outside often.

  • Make sure that your pet doesn't interact with anyone from outdoors

  • Always keep a distance between your pet and other living beings when outside

  • Avoid parks or places where people gather a lot

If your pet is facing any respiratory problem only then contact the veterinarian.

Does pets transmit Covid-19

The answer is no. There's no evidence of the virus spreading through pets. But there are some exceptions. If a COVID carrier sneezes on the pet there are chances that the virus gets stuck in their fur and it gets transmitted to a different one that touches the pet.

Protect your pets if you are COVID positive

If you are tested positive for COVID or is symptomatic, then confirm that you simply maintain distance together with your pets. You ought to take the required precautions with your pets as you do with human beings. If your pet is facing any respiratory problems only then consult the veterinarian. You should never attend the hospital or outdoors with your pet.

Keep your pets safe

Even if the transmission of COVID through pets is low, pets can carry germs that can make people sick. So it's always perfect to keep your pets healthy and clean and practice good pet hygiene.

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